Analysis, Research and Insights

From data to information

Marketing Automation

Automating the customer journey

Reporting & Optimization

From data to optimizations

Data Flow Mapping

Data collection across all sources

Data Mining

Forensic Data Analysis

Tech Stack Analysis

Audit & Recommendations

Market Research

First-Party Data First

Sales Analysis

Gathering info & insights

Lead Generation

Cultivate potential customers

Lead Nurturing

Lifecycle Scoring


Customer Lifetime Value


Custom API integrations

Machine Learning

Predictive and LAL modeling


Real-time messaging

Email Marketing

1-to-1 nurture flows

Social Media Strategy

Paid & Organic

Search Strategy

Comprehensive SEO/SEM

User Identity

Attaching data to contacts

Data Visualization

Customer lifecycle analytics

Data Enrichment

Social & Web data enrichment

Real-Time Tracking

Personalizing the experience


Revenue & cost impact report

Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

Programmatic media buying

Social Listening

Tracking conversations on a global scale

Community Management

Monitor customer engagement